Marine Ecology Courses

***Note for May 2023***

After many Covid delays, our partners at the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources have finally organised the logistics to begin island refurbishment at Koh Mun Nai! Therefore, our longer courses and internships are on hold until mid-late 2024 when activities and an updated curriculum will begin again! We hope to see you back soon!


At present, ATMEC offers three distinct courses aimed at students from ages 16+. Courses are structured to be inclusive and open to all students, regardless of previous marine science experience, and thus requires no prior academic qualifications. However, all students are required to be certified to Advanced Open Water Diver, or equivalent, by a recognised SCUBA training organisation.

While SCUBA training qualifications are not offered at ATMEC, these can be arranged for students wishing to complete their training prior to commencement of the course. Students are reminded to plan in advance to allow additional training time.

All ATMEC courses include theory and practical components, carried out at or in the vicinity of Koh Mun Nai.

Classroom sessions are carried out at the island itself and a small reference library of books and research papers is also available to students on the island. Students with sufficient prior experience with Conservation Diver courses or training may be applicable for discount of up to 5% (contact us for more information).  

Special Notice 2020-2022

All programs at ATMEC, while available to students around the world, adhere to strict safety standards. This includes public health issues such as Covid-19. All students will need to provide proof of residing within Thailand for a minimum of 14 days, or completion of mandatory quarantine following Thai law, and relevant medical certifications for any field work intended prior to the commencement of any course. During time getting to and staying on the island, and on the boat, students and staff will be exposed to no areas of communal social gatherings and public spaces.

ATMEC facilities will not be open to the public and will only be accessible to government staff and ATMEC members. Equipment will be assigned exclusively to individual students where possible and living spaces will additionally be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised regularly, particularly before and after any course. Students and interns that do not meet stringent requirements by Thai law and ATMEC regulations will not be permitted to attend ATMEC courses.