People and the Sea

Course Description

Modern marine science and education often overlooks the importance of diverse human influences and impacts on the marine environment. ‘People and the Sea’ seeks to explore the myriad of interactions different groups of society have on the marine world, both positive and negative. This course offers a chance for students to immerse themselves in fieldwork and the depths, but also to step  back and investigate the footprints we leave behind.

Modules Covered

Core Modules

  • Basic Marine and Coral Reef Ecology

  • The Ecological Monitoring Program

  • Artificial Substrates

  • Advanced Reef Ecology: Biofouling

Specialised Modules

  • Fishmarkets and the Fishing Community

  • Marine Veterinarians and Turtle Rehab

  • Plastics and Debris in the Seas

  • Where Science meets Conservation


8 people minimum - 12 people maximum

Course Length

14 days (Available only during December or April)

Course Cost

20,000THB – (Food not included, for available packages contact us)

What's Included

·       Transport from Bangkok to the center
·       Dive Boat Rental
·       Island accommodation for the duration of the course (shared).
·       A minimum of 10 field survey dives
·       SCUBA equipment rental
·       Training costs
·       Certification costs (2 core modules)
·       Course materials and field survey equipment
·       Transport within Rayong for excursions
·       Transport from the center back to Bangkok

What's Not Included

·       Initial transport into Bangkok
·       Organisation of 14-day quarantine-on-arrival (if international).
·       Accommodation in Bangkok
·       Food, however packages are available

To inquire about availability or any further questions, contact us directly here!