Our Team

A group of experienced instructors and academics.

ATMEC Instructors

Rahul Mehrotra

Project Manager
Project manager at ATMEC, Rahul is an accomplished marine biologist and educator with over a decade of SCUBA diving experience and has been a certified Conservation Diver instructor since 2014. He has co-described six new species to science and has been active in the field of marine conservation in Thailand for several years. Rahul's research interests are broad and diverse and he has supervised students from high school to graduate levels. He completed his own PhD at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

Random Fact: Rahul’s affection for muck diving is inversely proportional to that of being called ‘doctor’.

Claudia Marcellucci

Claudia is a passionate marine conservationist and certified PADI divemaster. She completed her MSc in Marine Biology in 2019 during which she co-authored a paper in the prestigious journal Nature. Claudia is an exceptional educator specialising in the Ecological Monitoring Program and all elements of field and lab work. Her recent marine exploits have led her to delve into the world of corals and substrate studies and she assists in the management of ex-situ experiments.

Random Fact: Due to her Italian roots, Claudia is the official ATMEC pronunciation checker for Latin species names. She remains unaware of this.

Alyssa Allchurch

Having qualified as a PADI instructor in 2018 and as a Conservation Diver instructor in 2019, Alyssa has taught hundreds of students a wide array of SCUBA skills. Due to her Canadian origins, Alyssa long ago found the warm waters of Thailand fascinating and oddly unapologetic. Her research interests include substrate competition in coral reefs, giant clam ecology and sea slug biodiversity monitoring. She has participated in marine science projects in Mauritius and Thailand and is responsible for database management at ATMEC.

Random Fact: Be wary when discussing sea sponges around Alyssa. You have been warned.

Education Staff

Nancy Gibson

Project Manager
Nancy is the founder of Love Wildlife Foundation through which she has led and participated in numerous international wildlife conservation and rehabilitation initiatives over the years, not to mention over a decade of educational endeavours. Nancy has also been the executive director of the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand for five years

Juthapathra Dechanupong (Ju)

Love Wildlife Staff
Ju has over a decade of experience in the fields of biological sciences and education and an MSc in Environmental Science and Policy.  

Suphasiri Muttamara (Jam)

Love Wildlife Staff
Jam has an MSc in Environmental Education and a diverse array of past roles as educator of wildlife and conservation at various establishments, including Disney World, Florida.

Extended Team

James Eaton

Fieldwork Support Staff
James is an accomplished academic and wildlife tour guide, specialising in avian and terrestrial fauna. He is also an experienced diver, lending his skills to fieldwork with ATMEC.

Amir Patel

Citizen Science Coordinator
After years contributing to the curation and organisation of the Gulf of Thailand sea turtle identification project, Amir is now responsible for management of citizen science projects with ATMEC.

Sirachai Arunrugstichai (Shin)

Outreach and Conservation
Shin has been active in conservation in Thailand for a number of years. In addition to contributing his photojournalism to National Geographic among others, he also plays an advisory role with ATMEC.

Jonn Lu

SCUBA instructor (NAUI) with 24 years of diving experience.

S. Noina Suprataya

SCUBA Assistant Instructor (PADI) with 20 years of diving experience

Kann Vearasilp

SCUBA instructor (PADI) with 12 years of diving experience.

Thanyaporn Longprasert

SCUBA rescue diver (and DMT) with 4 years of diving experience.