Our Team

A group of experienced instructors and academics.

Education and Operations

Nancy Gibson

Project Manager
Nancy is the founder of Love Wildlife Foundation through which she has led and participated in numerous international wildlife conservation and rehabilitation initiatives over the years, not to mention over a decade of educational endeavours.

Suphasiri Muttamara (Jam)

Love Wildlife Staff
Jam has an MSc in Environmental Education and a diverse array of past roles as educator of wildlife and conservation at various establishments, including Disney World, Florida.

Rahul Mehrotra

Research Director
Rahul is a marine scientist with over a decade of experience working in the Gulf of Thailand. After managing the program between 2020 and 2023, Rahul now spends most of his time on the research and writing part of many of the projects created during the first phase of ATMEC.

Extended Team

Patranan Suphangkanan

Logistics Support Staff
Chompoo is the bridge between the island and the outside world, and will help with logistics and other responsibilities as she travels around the Gulf like a nomad.

Amir Patel

Citizen Science Coordinator
After years contributing to the curation and organisation of the Gulf of Thailand sea turtle identification project, Amir is now responsible for management of our sea turtle citizen science projects with ATMEC.

Sirachai Arunrugstichai

Outreach and Conservation
Shin has been active in conservation in Thailand for a number of years. In addition to contributing his photojournalism to National Geographic among others, he also plays an advisory role with ATMEC.

James Eaton

Fieldwork Support Staff
James is an accomplished academic and wildlife tour guide, specialising in avian and terrestrial fauna. He is also an experienced diver, lending his skills to fieldwork with ATMEC.

Former/Visiting Instructors

Coline Monchanin

Dr. Monchanin played an integral role, representing 50% of the instructor duo that restructred much of the academic and project-specific components of ATMEC at the end of it's first phase. She also led the ambitious plastics project that defined 2022-23, the first of its kind for the region.

Matthias Desmolles

Matthias represented the other 50% of the dynamic duo that completely revamped the program, pursuing not only a wide array of academic efforts, but also making pre-furbished Koh Mun Nai, an easier and more organised place for all island inhabitants.  

Alyssa Allchurch

Alyssa was one of the pioneering instructors at ATMEC, joining for the first full semester before continuing on to pursue her MSc in Marine Science back in Canada. Her diving and science experience now extends to warm and cold habitats!

Claudia Marcellucci

Claudia was with us for our very first full year, and was part of the initial survey team before ATMEC was formalised. She was a full-time instructor with us for throughout 2021 before heading back home to Italy.

Thomas Real

Tommy first joined us as an intern, then Instructor Trainee and completed his ATMEC journey as an Instructor and marine biologist in 2022. His nerdy vibes will continue from ATMEC straight to university in Australia.