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Overview of our courses.

Update: Dec 2023 - Dec 2024

Island Refurbishment

After two years of delays attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic, our partners at the Deparment of Marine and Coastal Resources have officially begun the long-awaited redevelopment of all buildings and facilities at our primary field center at Koh Mun Nai. This is an incredibly exciting time for the island and for our ongoing nerdy ventures with the DMCR at the island. However, this is a long and complex process, so we have taken this time to put a temporary pause on most of our courses and all internships, until the island is reopened for work to continue. We are also taking this time to restructure much of our curriculum and program, as ATMEC moves from Phase 1 to Phase 2.

For now, our course-specific links will remain open, however please note that we will not be accepting bookings until the redevelopment of the island and the program is completed. We appreciate your understanding and we're excited to see you in the future!

School Groups

Project Deep Blue
Love Wildlife has a long and rich history of catering to school groups across Thailand. Among the most popular excursions offered by Love Wildlife is Project Deep Blue, an opportunity for students to experience first-hand the different aspects of the marine environment, from biology to conservation and resource use. To learn more, get in touch!

Adapted Programs      
ATMEC is able to host shorter excursions and day-trips through Love Wildlife, aimed at providing students an introduction on specific topics from plastic pollution to sea turtle monitoring. These can be adapted to specific syllabus requirements and student goals. Get in touch!