Benthic Ecology

Course Description

Recent years have provided a glimpse into the diversity of life in the Gulf of Thailand, with dozens of previously unrecorded species and several new to science being documented by ATMEC staff. The Benthic Ecology course aims to combine a holistic introduction to tropical marine ecology and a chance to put students at the forefront of marine exploration by surveying the unexplored. The course offers a chance to study hidden organisms up close and learn about what makes the Gulf a unique environment in the world’s oceans.

Modules Covered

Core Modules

  • Basic Marine and Coral Reef Ecology

  • The Ecological Monitoring Program

  • Intro to Tropical Anthozoa

  • Reef Coral Taxonomy

  • Advanced Reef Ecology: Biofouling

Specialised Modules

  • Nudibranch and Sea Slug Biology

  • Seahorse Ecology and Identification

  • Artificial Substrates(Non-Reef)

  • Benthic Infauna


8 people minimum - 12 people maximum

Course Length

21 days (Available only during November or March)

Course Cost

30,000THB – (Food not included)

What's Included

·       Transport from Bangkok to the center
·       Dive Boat Rental
·       Island accommodation for the duration of the course (shared).
·       A minimum of 15 field survey dives
·       SCUBA equipment rental
·       Training costs
·       Certification costs (2 core modules, 1 specialised)
·       Course materials and field survey equipment
·       Transport from the center back to Bangkok

What's Not Included

·       Initial transport into Bangkok
·       Organisation of 14-day quarantine-on-arrival (if international).
·       Accommodation in Bangkok
·       Food, however packages are available

To inquire about availability or any further questions, contact us directly here!